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Welcome! Everything you need to help get the word out and promote MySchoolBucks can be found right here.
Order Promo Materials for School Meals
Be ready for registration packets, open houses, and back-to-school events with these FREE promotional items* including:
  • Postcard Handouts
  • Flyers
  • Magnets

*Your Heartland assigned District ID is required to complete your order.  Items available while supplies last and are shipped directly to you, free of charge.
Download The Marketing Guide
This guide provides easy-to-implement marketing strategies and different ways to use the FREE promotional materials available to you.  Find out:
  • What to do
  • How to do it
  • When to do it
  • Introductory Emails – Use the email templates to announce MySchoolBucks and how parents can register
  • Website Banners & Buttons – Use these banners and buttons on your district's website to help guide parents to MySchoolBucks
  • Logos – Use these logos on your printed menus, letters, newspapers and more
  • Social Media Content – Use the social media photos and content to post on your district's Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages
  • Flyers & Handouts – Distribute flyers at back-to-school events or include them in registration packets
  • Website Announcement – Use this template to announce MySchoolBucks directly on your district's website
  • Welcome Letter – Mail this letter out to announce MySchoolBucks and how parents can sign up
  • Automated Calling Message – Use this script with your automated calling service to announce MySchoolBucks to parents

Introductory Emails

Use the templates below to send emails direct to parents, faculty and staff. There are text and HTML versions of the email that are included for your convenience.





Website Banners & Buttons

Displaying these MySchoolBucks banners and buttons on your district's website helps ensure successful parent registration and participation.

Copy and paste this HTML code:

Copy and paste this HTML code:


Use these logos on your printed menus, letters, newspapers and more!

Small (200x106)

Large (1000x531)

Social Media

Does your district have a Facebook page? Social media sites like Facebook, provide a unique way to connect with your community. Consider posting a message about this service and link them to our social media pages to connect with other MySchoolBucks users.

DOWNLOAD EXAMPLE POSTS »                    Connect with us on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Sample Post 1

Sample Post 2

Flyers & Handouts

Introduce your parents to MySchoolBucks with a flyer or postcard handout.  These are great to include in registration packets, at open houses, and back-to-school events.

Flyer (8.5″ x 11″)

Postcard Handout (6″ x 4.25″)

Flyer - Spanish (8.5″ x 11″)

Website Announcement

Customize the sample message below and post it to your district's website let parents know what MySchoolBucks is and how they can access it!


[District/School Name] is excited to announce MySchoolBucks – Launching [Date Service Begins]!

This new service allows you to pay for school meals online using a credit/debit card or electronic check.

What is MySchoolBucks?
MySchooBucks is an online payment service that provides parents the ability to securely pay for meals, monitor student cafeteria purchases and receive email notifications for low account balances.

Add the text below and consider including a MySchoolBucks button to direct users to the website.

How do I Enroll?
  1. Go to and register for your free account.
  2. Add your students using their school name and student ID.
  3. Make a payment to your students’ accounts with your credit/debit card or electronic check.
    A program fee may apply. You will have the opportunity to review any fees and cancel if you choose, before you are charged.
If you have any questions, please visit and click Help or call MySchoolBucks Customer Support at 1-855-832-5226.

Welcome Letter

Sending a letter is the perfect way to tell parents, faculty and staff about MySchoolBucks. Customize this letter to meet your district's specific needs.

Automated Calling Message

Use this script to record a message that you can deliver with an automated calling system to let parents know about MySchoolBucks!

A message from [District/School Name]

Good [morning/evening] families.  This is [name and title] for [District/School Name].  We are pleased to offer MySchoolBucks, a convenient online meal payment service.  You can now login to to pay for your student’s meals, manage meal balances, and see what your student has purchased!

Go to MySchoolBucks and register for a secure account.  Never worry about sending cash or checks with your student to school again!

If you have any questions, please contact the office at [district contact number].  Have a wonderful [morning/evening]!